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All of our ramen are carefully developed by our ramen masters. The founder of KYURA MEN studied and absobed the essence of the Japanese ramen, to create the most unique and rich Ramen dish.


The carefully crafted "white", "thick", “fresh” and “fragrant” soup bases are served with a fresh Japanese-style pork roast, a 7 minute boiled egg, and a pair of chopped green onions. DELICIOUS!

About the


The founder originally enjoyed eating Ramen, and decided to study Ramen. He repeatedly visited Japan to taste different flavored Ramen noodles. Later, he simply opened his own Ramen shop, in order to make the Japanese Ramen a more affordable daily cuisine. 

The purpose of KYURA MEN is to let our general working class and student population enjoy the stress-free Ramen in a stress free environment.

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