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  • 1. Download Kyuramen App
    Download the latest version of the KYURAMEN app from your App Store.
  • 2. Create Account / Login
    Once finished, follow the instruction on the page to create an account. If you already have an account already, please log on to it.
  • 3. Cash Back Program
    You will be enrolled into the Cash back program instantly when you sign up, with 5% Cash back (Silver level). Every dollar you spend = 4 points. • Reaching over 10K will get you to the next Cash back level-Gold, with 8 % cash back. • Earning beyond 15K points, will get you to the highest Cash Back level-Diamond, with 10% cash back 4. Please Note: Unused Please Note: Unused Cash back will be expired after 2 weeks.
  • 4. In-Store Payments Requirements
    In-store payment using KYURAMEN Cards needs to fulfill these 2 requirement: a) have an account; b) Have a KYURAMEN Card/ KYURAMEN e-gift-card with money loaded in it. If you already meet these requirements, you are all set and ready to move on! ** You may also choose check out using cash/debit card/apple pay in-store. In order to earn points and cash back for your order, you must connect your account with the Server before you proceed to checkout.**
  • 5. Loading Cash to Card
    If you would like to put money into your KYURAMEN card, click onto the “three dash” on the left top corner and find where it says “KYURAMEN cards”. Click on to “Add value” and chose the amount of money you want to load into the card and check out with whatever payment option you wished to pay with (Apple Pay/Debit/Credit Card are all being accepted)
  • 6. How to make In-Store Payments
    To make an In-store/dine-in payment, pull out the QR code and the Server will scan the QR code connected to your card with our store tablet
  • 7. How to Apply Cash back
    If you would like to apply cash back in your bill, simply go to “Kyuramen cards” and swipe to the left, where you see the total cash-back you have. Click on the amount you would like to use and show the QR code to the server to scan. You may apply multiple cash back in one check simply by clicking on other boxes to pull out the QR code for Server to scan. Once you are done paying, double check to make sure the payment had went through and you are good to go!
  • 8. Physical Gift-card
    Physical Gift-card can also be added into your account by going to “Kyuramen Cards” located at the left side App menu. At the bottom of the “Kyuramen Cards” page, you will see “Add Gift-card”. Click on it. You may manually input the card number from the back of the card or scan it. Scratch out the shade on the back of the card where it saids “PIN” to reveal the security code. Once you had completed the above, the gift card will be successfully be added into you account and ready to be used.
  • 9. How to Buy or Send Gift Cards
    If you would like to buy and send somebody else a gift card (or get one for yourself) click onto the “three dash” on the left top corner and click on where it says“Gift cards”. Pick out any designs that you would like and click on to it. Choose the amount of money you want to put into the gift card and enters the Recipients Name and email address. Add on any personal message that you want to included along with e-gift card. Once you have completed, press check out with whatever payment option you wished to pay with (Apple Pay/Debit/Credit Card are all being accepted). The e-gift card will be sent to the Recipients email. Once the Recipient had received it, they can click-on the link and the gift card will automatically being added into their account.
  • 10. Requirements for Sending Gift Cards
    If they don’t have the app or not yet create an account, the link will guide them through step by step to create the account and the Gift-card will be added to their account once they had finished setting up.
  • 11. App Availability & Support
    Order ahead for pickup and check-out for dine-in order are now available on the APP for all locations, selected locations are now offering delivery options too. (Currently, delivery options are only available at selected locations. Please check with your closest store for additional information about their delivery status. Delivery options will soon be available for all locations. Stay tuned!) Feel free to contact our app support team via “Contact us” if you have any questions or suggestions you would like us to improve.
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